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Proven Direct Response and Continuity Marketing Results.

For over 15 years, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the most successful continuity and direct response companies today. In doing so, we have acquired a thorough understanding of striking the perfect creative balance needed for successful direct response and continuity marketing. Consistently beating current new member acquisition, direct mail and package insert controls. In fact, one client saved over 1 million to the bottom line with JUST ONE of my new creative test packages.


We've produce millions of customers ...
Put our numerous years of successful direct response creative to work for you. For instance ... how to test and launch a Direct Response or Continuity (of the month) program or increase results with your current marketing programs. Get the knowledge of what worked and what didn’t for others. Learn how just a few small things can get them to pull the trigger and dramatically increase your customer response rates or how to get your past customers spending again.


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Full Turn Key New Business Development Channel including:
• Budgeting
• Media Placement
• Creative Strategy and Execution
• Offer Development
• Testing Strategies and Key Code setups
• Sales Forecasting/Inventory Requirements
• Results Analysis
• Ongoing Management

• Data Mining 

• P&L Oversight

Have a tired old control? Our new test control packages and advertisements have repeatedly proven themselves. One recent direct mail package test with our creative vs. the current control resulted in a 28% increase in response based purely on a fresh creative approach. It definitely appealed and definitely created a whole new response.


From new customer acquisitions, CPA's and CPM's, premium offer tests and split tests, re-instates.  From the front-end to back-end. From print to internet acquisition. We have tackled numerous acquisition and re-instate projects for numerous continuity/direct response organizations.



Clients we’ve worked with 



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